LoRa Wireless Gateway

Main Feature
  • Easy to setup and maintain Long distance ( up to 2,000 meters )
  • 9 ~ 48 V wide DC input range
  • Supports Modbus TCP to RTU conversion
  • Support MQTT protocol ( available in NBIoT model )
  • Versatile interfaces with RS232, RS485, DI/DO for connection to sensor and field devices
  • Broadcast mode (no pairing required)
  • Fast response (no need to wait 50-150 seconds)
  • Up to 255 Bytes per packet
  • Receiving sensitivity: -137 dBm
  • Secured AES encryption in wireless communication
  • Web based management and remote firmware image upgrade

ELA-MG is an industrial-grade LoRa gateway integrated with LoRa wireless communication, serial interface (RS232/485) and DI/DO interfaces. Versatile interfaces make it flexible communication with most popular sensor / field devices for big data collection. In NBIoT model, MQTT protocol is equipped for cloud connection feature. This effectively reduces the development effort for connecting to cloud service in project design. In addition, NBIoT enables distributed architecture in wide area deployment. ELA-MG can achieve very good wireless performance in 2 Km distance with 90% successful transmission rate with ELA-MA. ELA-MG is designed for easy setup and maintenance. Multi-end points can form a broadcast network, with the same frequency and encryption the end points can communicate without pairing in advance. Thus, effectively reduce the effort in deployment and maintenance.

Main Chip LoRa Transmission : Semtech SX1272
Soc : 1G Sitara ARM Cortex®-A8
- Memory: DDR3 512M Bytes
- NAND Flash 256M Bytes
Operating System: GNU Linux
Wireless Interface Modulation: LoRa
Frequency: 862 ~ 932MHz
Frequency Accuracy: ± 10KHz
Data Rate: 0.244 ~ 18.2Kbps(LoRa)
Antenna Impedance: 50ohm
RF Output Power 2 ~ 20dBm
Receive sensitivity -137dBm
USB 1 port USB Host
Ethernet 1*10/100/1000 Base-TX LAN port
DI/DO 125 Vac @0.5A, 24 Vdc @1A
Output: 1*Relay Dry Contacts, Terminal Block
Input: 1*Dry Contacts, Terminal Block
Configurations and Management WEB: Support HTML web control interface
CGI: Support CGI control interface
Firmware: Web based remote firmware image upgrade
Power Source Supply Voltage: 9 ~ 48 VDC, Terminal Block
Power Consumption@12V: Max 12W
LoRa Communication Distance: 2 ~ 5Km
Baud Rate RS232/RS485:
1 port RS232 with DB9
1 port RS485 with TB5
Full Duplex of RS232/Baud Rate up to 115K bps
Half Duplex of RS485/Baud Rate to 115K bps
Environment Operating Temperature: -10℃~ 70℃
Mechanism Dimensions: W*H*D: 43*135*96 (mm)
Weight: 450 ± 5g
Certification FCC, CE